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Bible Adventures

Published: 1991, Wisdom Tree
Experience the excitement of three stories from the Old Testament. As Noah, you must gather two of every animal plus food to feed them before the big storm hits. As the mother of Moses you must save

Bible Buffet

Published: 1993, Wisdom Tree
Up to four players can join in on the fun as you bravely venture through 12
food-filled lands on your way to the finish line. Start off your turn with a
spin of the spinner. Watch as your characte

Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land

Published: 1991, Wisdom Tree
The Story of Exodus - The Journey to the Promised Land.

Fearing the number and strength of the Israelits in Egypt, the Pharaoh
ordered the Hebrew midwives to kill any sons born to Hebrew women. T

Joshua & the Battle of Jericho

Published: 1992, Wisdom Tree

King of Kings - The Early Years

Published: 1991, Wisdom Tree

Spiritual Warfare

Published: 1992, Wisdom Tree
Experience "Spiritual Warfare" as you discover firsthand the whole armor
of God in preparation to meet the enemies of the Lord. You will also see
just how the fruit of the Spirit can impact the li


Published: 1991, T*HQ
With Videomation, Everyone is an Artist!

Videomation has drawing tools, stamps and an animation feature that lets your imagination go wild! Use with the Nintendo Entertainment System to create viv